The White Shoe Irregular:
It was fun while it lasted.

The Billboard Top 40 Songs Improved by Replacing "Heart" with "Horse"

Matthew Warnick

Tony Bennett — I Left My Horse in San Francisco
Faith Hill — If My Horse Had Wings
Toni Braxton — Unbreak My Horse
Dee-lite — Groove is in the Horse
Phil Collins — You'll Be In My Horse
Dusty Springfield — Put a Little Love In Your Horse
Luther Vandross — Bring Your Horse to Mine
Hanson — Rock Her Horse Away
Extreme — Hole In My Horse
Billy Ray Cyrus — Achy Breaky Horse
Celine Dion — My Horse Will Go On
Moby — Why Does My Horse Feel So Bad?
Nirvana — Horse-Shaped Box
Britney Spears — Deep In My Horse
The Ramones — Listen To My Horse
Toby Keith — Bottom of My Horse
Bob Seger — Living Inside My Horse
Genesis — Hairless Horse
The Black Crowes — Kicking My Horse Around
Sting — Fortress Around Your Horse
Joe Cocker — Unchain My Horse
*NSync — Tearing Up My Horse
Bryan White — Leave My Horse Out of This
Chely Wright — 10 Pound Horse
.38 Special — Horse on Fire
Suicide Machines — Bleeding Horse
Neil Young — Horse of Gold
Cher — Horse of Stone
Blondie — Horse of Glass
Brooke Allison — My Horse Goes Boom
Randy Travis — Look Horse, No Hands
Bonnie Tyler — Total Eclipse of the Horse
All-4-One — Giving You My Horse Forever
Huey Lewis — The Horse of Rock and Roll
Janis Joplin — Take Another Piece of My Horse
Hank Williams — Your Cheatin' Horse
Yes — Owner of a Lonely Horse
Bruce Springsteen — Hungry Horse
Toby Keith — Horse to Horse
Cinderella Soundtrack — A Dream Is a Wish Your Horse Makes