The White Shoe Irregular:
It was fun while it lasted.

About This Thing

The White Shoe Irregular is officially closed for business. In its better days, it was redacted — redact: to make ready for publication — by Quinn Warnick, (who often wrote under the pseudonym Lewis Tate). Between 19 June 2000 and 11 December 2003, we published nearly 300 pieces by over 100 authors. I am proud of their work and intend to leave it online as long as possible. In lieu of new entries, the homepage now features some of White Shoe's greatest hits. Don't worry, dear reader, there are many semi-funny websites out there, all calling your name, begging you to visit them. At least one of them is sure to please you.

I started this site with the help of a few great friends in June 2000. We put the "Irregular" in the title because we weren't sure how often we'd be putting up new pieces. And then for a while — two years, almost — I managed to put something new up almost every day, making the title a bit incongruous. Of course, tides fall, winds change, and the site has come full circle. It is now more irregular than ever, and that's probably how it will stay.

And about the "White Shoe" part? I suppose I've kept that to myself for long enough, so here it is:

"Phooey, I say, on all white-shoe college boys who edit their campus literary magazines. Give me an honest con man any day."
— J.D. Salinger, Franny and Zooey, p. 98

Well, I'm not a college boy any more, and this isn't quite a campus literary magazine, but I enjoy knowing that Salinger might sue me one day, so the name stays.