The White Shoe Irregular:
It was fun while it lasted.

On His Ninety-Ninth Birthday, Strom Thurmond Looks for Some Action

Senator Strom Thurmond and Colleagues

MR. DASCHLE: Mr. President, this is a historic day in the Senate's history. Our colleague, the senior senator from South Carolina, is celebrating his ninety-ninth birthday today. Bob Dole used to say that he followed Strom Thurmond very carefully; whatever he ate Bob Dole would eat. I have taken on that practice myself. I congratulate Senator Thurmond on his ninety-ninth birthday today and wish him well. We are delighted to serve with him and honored that he is here with us today. We congratulate him on a very special occasion, not only in his life but in the life of the Senate as well.

(Applause, senators rising.)

MR. THURMOND: I love all of you men, but you women even more.

MR. LOTT: Mr. President, I observe Senator Thurmond's microphone was not on at that moment. I do want to observe also on this very happy ninety-ninth birthday, he is looking rather dapper today. He asked if perhaps the tie was a little too bright, and I said, no, it was befitting of him on this special occasion. We all extend our birthday wishes and very best wishes for the future to Senator Thurmond. He has been an example and an inspiration to all of us. He has been a tremendous servant for the people of South Carolina. I have known very few people in my life more dedicated to their job and to the people they represent. We are just so very proud of Senator Thurmond and extend him our very best wishes. Thank you, sir.

(Applause, senators rising.)

MR. THURMOND: Thank you very much. I want to thank all of you. I appreciate every one of you, especially you ladies. You're all good looking. God bless you.

[Taken from the Congressional Record, 5 December 2001, page S12394.]